Frequently Asked Questions
What services do you offer?

You can view all of our nanny and babysitting services here.

What agency fees do you charge for your services?

View a detailed overview of our pricing here.

What should I expect to pay my nanny?

For budgeting purposes, you can expect an hourly rate in the $15-$25 per hour range. There is some wiggle room there, but this is where we most commonly place nannies.

What type of experience do your nannies have?

We require a minimum of 2 years of professional nanny experience for a nanny to be eligible to apply with our agency. We have nannies with anywhere from 2 to 30 years of nanny experience, so there is a wide range! We also have a minimum age requirement of 21 years old. Most importantly, we require all of our nannies to be superstars!

Will my nanny travel with us?

Yes! Please let us know the details of your travel needs in your family application so we can ensure to only present you nannies that meet your requirements.

What is the process to find a nanny using your agency?

Click here for a step-by-step overview of our process.

What is the screening process you conduct on each nanny?

Click here for a detailed overview of our screening process.

What does your official background check include?

County Criminal History: This search provides the most current, complete criminal information directly from county courthouses. Results include: number of years searched, case number, charges, disposition, dates, sentencing details and more. ID Trace, National Criminal Database and other searches can provide additional jurisdictions for county criminal history searches. The standard scope for the county criminal search is seven years, with extended searches available in some jurisdictions.

Driving Records: A report of the candidate's driving history is accessed through state Departments of Motor Vehicles. Results may include: driver's license number, status of license, state, class, issue/expiration dates, violations, incidents, convictions, DUI information and more

National Criminal Database: The nationwide scope of this search provides a broad view of your candidate's criminal history. A National Criminal Database search draws from over 505 million records from thousands of jurisdictions, including databases with terrorist and sex offender information. Some results from the National Criminal Database search must be verified with primary sources (e.g. county criminal history, statewide criminal history, etc.) and could result in additional searches.

National Sex Offender Public Registry: This registry includes sex offender information from the federal government and agencies from all 50 individual states. Maintained by the U.S. Department of Justice, the public registry search returns sex offender profiles, including up to level 3 offenders. Results and details available vary by state.

Are we required to pay taxes on our nanny's income?

Hiring a nanny or other household staff means you are legally required to pay employment taxes and follow federal and state labor laws. In order to assist you with payroll, tax, and insurance, we refer our families to Home Work Solutions.

They will get you set up as a domestic employer, and take care of paying your nanny, tax filings, workers' compensation insurance, and compliance with all tax and labor laws.

Use a free Tax Calculator to get an estimate on how much you would pay.

How soon can my nanny start?

We have nannies who are available to work immediately upon hire, or others that need to give a minimum of two weeks notice to their current employer. Some nannies prefer to give as much as a 4 week notice. From start to finish, we have been successful placing nannies within 48 hours. But as a general guideline, we recommend expecting a 4-6 week timeframe.

What if my nanny doesn't work out?

We work hard throughout the screening and placement process to ensure we've matched you with the right candidate. Before you make a final decision we will recommend that you do a trial period (up to one week) with your prospective nanny. During the trial you will also work on your Family Nanny Work Agreement which outlines all aspects of the position and what both the nanny and the family can expect from one another. We have found that when a family takes full advantage of the trial period and involves their prospective nanny in the work agreement process, replacements rarely happen. In the rare event that it doesn't work out each placement package we offer comes with its own respective replacement policy! This means your nanny is replaced at no additional charge to you!

I'd like to move forward in hiring one of your nannies! How do I get started?

Fill out our family application to begin the process. Once we receive your completed application, we will contact you to learn more about your family's needs.

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