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Job # 18381
NCS Needed In Dallas

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Job # 18381: NCS Needed In Dallas (Greenville Ave & Richmond Ave)

If interested, please apply AND send your NCS resume to emily@perfectfitnanny.com

Agency Point of Contact for Job # 18381: Emily (214) 585-5799

Message from Mom: We are first time parents who live with our 11-week old baby girl and dog in Dallas. My husband and I work full time. We work mostly from the office (we work from home a couple days per week but this may change next year). We live in the Lower Greenville / Lakewood area. We have a golden retriever who is very low maintenance (although she will take any pets and attention that she can get!). She would just need to be fed at lunch and let out a couple of times in the back. We don’t have a housekeeper. We’re not from Dallas and don’t have family in the area so we’re looking for a trustworthy person we can rely on!

About the Child: Our daughter was born last October. We would like to have a NCS with many years of infant care experience, specifically experience with helping with napping / sleeping, nap schedules, switching to solids in a few months, milestones (rolling, etc), etc.

Their Ideal NCS: An ideal NCS for us is someone with lots of infant care experience and can help us navigate early infancy (naps, sleeping issues, eating, solids, milestones). We’d love someone with many years of experience who can provide advice but would ultimately respect how we decide to handle things like nap schedules, how to put baby to sleep, how much crying, etc. We aren’t concerned about the other responsibilities like light housekeeping. If they could help with things like washing bottles, that would be great but our priority is definitely giving the care and attention needed by our daughter and to help her with milestones and development. We also understand that the NCS ability to do other things will depend on how much our daughter will nap during the day. Someone with a background in child development and education would be amazing but not required.

Additional Job Details:  As first time parents, we’d love to have someone who will care for our daughter like their own and someone who can help us navigate everything that comes with becoming new parents!

Is Drug Screening required for this position? Yes

Start Date: ASAP

Expected Job Duration: 9 months (until child turns one year old)

Is the NCS required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine? Yes

Schedule: Mon to Fri 8am-6pm, 50 hours per week.
Availability to work longer hours and/or occasional weekends as needed.

Compensation: $35 per hour

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