Preparing for Back to School: How Your Nanny, Family Assistant, or Household Manager Can Make a Difference

As the summer days wind down, it’s time for families to shift their focus towards the upcoming back-to-school season. Preparing for this significant event can be overwhelming, especially for busy parents juggling work and family responsibilities. However, with the right support system in place, such as a nanny, family assistant, […]

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The Importance of Guaranteed Hours When Hiring a Nanny: Why Families Shouldn’t Bank Hours

Hiring a nanny is a significant decision that involves various considerations, including compensation and employment arrangements. One crucial aspect of establishing a fair and supportive working relationship with your nanny is offering guaranteed hours. In this blog, we will explore why guaranteed hours are essential and why families should refrain […]

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What are Rota Nannies?

There are so many different specialties in the childcare profession, and it’s not just limited to nannies. We’ve gone into detail about some other types of childcare professionals, such as an au pair or a Newborn Care Specialist (NCS). But there’s an additional type of childcare professional that we have […]

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