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Job # 85790
Part-Time Nanny Needed for Family of Four in Chandler

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Job # 85790: Part-Time Nanny Needed for Family of Four in Chandler (Arizona Ave and Ocotillo Rd)

Agency Point of Contact for Job #85790: Gina (720) 464-0678

Message from Family: We are a family of two professionals with two gorgeous teen girls who are busy with school. Mom is a Professor and loves having a clean beautiful home for the kids and family. Dad is an engineer who works for a large employer in the valley. He is a calm and kind person who works from home. Our careers are intense and we need someone who can help them manage the chores associated with having two tween/teen kids. We are looking for someone who loves being efficient, organized, helping keep things organized (we are very organized), and is willing to work professionally with our family on these chores.

Our family philosophy is to treat all our supports with respect.

About the Children: 
Our oldest daughter is a wonderful, bright, loving, and kind 17-year-old female and is a junior. She is gifted and loves academics. She goes to school in person, and loves science fairs, writing poetry, speech, and debate. She is a happy teen, very studious and hardworking and school focused, often dreaming like most teens do, very polite and kind to others. She loves singing and painting during her free time. She really doesn't need much care except to help her make evening sandwiches for her when she comes home hungry from school or help with her lunch bag.

Our youngest daughter is a 13-year-old very high-functioning girl on the autism spectrum. She is gifted musically and loves singing and playing piano. She is also academically gifted and loves learning. She is generally very funny and loves creating her own imaginary world including lots of videos! Her challenge is reading social cues which can frustrate her at times. What helps in those times is to be patient, kind, and non-confrontational. If shown patience, she is generally kind and eager to include the participant in her imaginary world. She needs someone mature and calm and loving and patient as a provider.

Their Ideal Nanny: We are searching for someone who is happy, helpful, a self-starter, attentive to details, and can bring energy and enthusiasm to work every day with them. Our ideal nanny likes to clean and organize, is punctual, and a non-smoker.

Additional Job Details:

Cooking/Meals: Largely for kids, simple light meals such as mac-n-cheese, grilled cheese, quesadillas, and burritos. Our family is vegetarian and does not eat meat (except eggs) at home. We are happy to provide lunch -- we eat very healthy food -- lots of grains, lentils, and veggies, and our nanny can eat what the family eats with them.

Children's laundry only: This is key and each kid needs her laundry done 1x a week -- hung dry outside (some of them), folded, and put away.

Children's rooms: Beds made daily, weekly organization of dressers to keep things tidy (we have a cleaning lady who takes care of weekly dusting, laundry of sheets, etc.), putting away laundry, removing old clothes to pack up to give away or save for a younger child.

Errands: Once a week grocery shopping at Whole Foods; occasional trips to Sprouts, Target, and dry cleaners (maybe 1-2 times).

Driving for kids: Pick up little one from school daily at 3 pm and drive her back home safely. We want a safe driver who drives carefully and defensively and not aggressively.

Is drug screening required for this position? Yes

Start Date: ASAP

Expected Job Duration: Long-term

Is the nanny required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine? Yes

Grocery shopping
Light housekeeping
Miscellaneous errands
Childrens laundry
Cooking for children

Monday and Wednesday, 9:00am- 2:00pm/3:00pm
Tuesday and Thursday, 7:45am- 4:45pm

*Guaranteed 30 hours a week

Summer Schedule:
Monday and Wednesday, 10:30am- 4:30pm
Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30am- 5:15pm
*Guaranteed 30 hours a week

Compensation: $25 per hour

Paid Vacation
Sick Pay
Gas Mileage Reimbursement
Paid Holidays

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