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Job # 35092
Twin Girls Need An Amazing Nanny ASAP!

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Job #35092: Twin Girls in Scottsdale Need An Amazing Nanny in North Scottsdale (98th St and Bell Rd)

4-month position


Message from Mom: We recently relocated from Santa Barbara, California to Arizona and are excited to embrace this new journey! We have had wonderful luck with caring and compassionate nannies in the past and are eager to find a new and wonderful nanny to care for our twins. They are turning five in June and are full of personality. There is never a dull moment in our household! We prefer that our nanny focuses their full attention on the girls. The only additional tasks we wish to have completed are cleaning up after each activity and light food preparation for the girls. We also have a small, sweet dog that is with Dad in his home office all day.

About the Children:  The family has identical twin girls aged 4.5. They are very bright and silly with bold personalities. They love to run, climb and get a little dirty. They also love arts and crafts, and they love to read. Some days they want to build forts and pretend they are dinosaurs, other days they want to play princess dress-up! They have very similar interests, but different personalities. They have had a nanny since they were infants and have not been to preschool or any other form of education. They will start Kindergarten this fall.

Their Ideal Nanny: The girls love arts and crafts and are getting ready to begin Kindergarten in the fall. We would love a mature nanny that is eager to explore new and creative arts and crafts projects with them and willing to work with them on a bit of reading, writing, counting, etc as they prepare for school. The girls also love to have their nanny read to them, so we are looking for someone who loves to spend time reading aloud. We have a huge book library! Overall, we want the girls to have a role model in a compassionate and caring nanny.

Additional Job Details: The girls have a peanut allergy and we ask that no food with peanuts or peanut products be brought into the house. We have conservative values and are looking for a nanny that shares those values. We are Christian/Catholic. We also prefer the girls stay at home during the day, so no travel is required with the twins.

All interviews will be held over video chat due to COVID-19

Start Date:  ASAP-August 2020

Duties: Cooking for Children

Mon to Fri
7:30 am to 2:30 pm

Compensation: $20 per hour

Benefits: Paid Holidays

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