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Job # 92135
Wonderful Phoenix Family With Two Little Boys Needs A Nanny

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Job # 92135: Wonderful Phoenix Family With Two Little Boys Needs A Nanny (N 7th ST & E Thunderbird Rd)

Agency Point of Contact for Job # 92135: Caeli (602) 661-0121

Message from Mom: My husband and I are physicians. We both have irregular schedules, but we will know the schedule months in advance. We are home a good chunk of this time, but when we are both working we are also gone for a good chunk of time as well. We have 2 large but loving dogs, a golden retriever and a black Labrador. We do have a housekeeper, who comes every other week.

About the Child:
Our eldest is an amazing little boy! He will be 2.5 years old. He is VERY active, we call him perpetual motion! He is also INCREDIBLY smart. He speaks 3 languages and is already saying 2-3 word sentences. He LOVES books and throwing/kicking balls, frisbees, flying kites and in general being outside and exploring things. He is a sweet boy and loves tickling and playing tag/hide and seek and giggles like crazy when you do those. He is definitely a toddler and is trying to find out where his boundaries are. He is repeating everything and is curious about everything! He gets along well with everyone he has ever met!

Our second child was born last October. The expectation will be to feed him breast milk and further his development.

Their Ideal Nanny: Someone with experience, and willing to be creative and do new activities with him and get on the floor and play. He is very active, so she would have to be active as well. Experience with newborns and juggling 2 kids at this age.

Additional Job Details: There will be times that either my husband or I, or both of us will be home when the nanny is home, and as a result she will be expected to do some housework in addition to caring for our kids. We expect that the nanny has a car.

Start Date: ASAP

Expected Job Duration: at least 1 year

Is the nanny required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine?  Yes

Grocery shopping
Family laundry
Light housekeeping
Childs laundry
Cooking for children
Clean dishes

40 hrs/ week is guaranteed. There are some weeks that there will be overtime. Typically up to 50hrs/ week. That will happen typically 1 week/month, occasionally it will be more often. I am on call 1 out of every 3 weeks. Some of those days the hours will be 7am-7pm, Monday-Sunday. The other days the hrs will typically be 7am-3pm or 8am-4pm depending on the preference of the nanny.

Compensation: $22 to $25 per hour DOE

Paid holidays
2 weeks paid vacation (nanny's choice)
Any additional vacation taken by the family is also paid!

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