How to Conduct a Nanny Performance Review

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It’s that time: your nanny’s annual performance review is quickly approaching. Regular performance reviews are essential in maintaining a good relationship with your nanny — don’t skip them!  

If this is your first performance review ever or you need a refresher on how to conduct one, check out our tips below.

Have your nanny complete a self-evaluation

Before your actual performance review, ask your nanny to complete a self-evaluation. This gives your nanny a chance to assess their own performance, accomplishments, areas of improvement, or goals. 

A self-evaluation doesn’t have to be long or complicated; you can even ask for ours if you’re one of our nannies or client families! These evaluations simply ask the nanny to rate themselves on a scale from one to five for child care, work performance, other responsibilities, and so on.

While your nanny is preparing for your meeting with this self-evaluation, review your own notes from the past year, too. Look at your observations and any notes from communication with your nanny and prepare to talk about them.

Hold your performance review in private

Schedule your performance review for a date and time where you won’t be interrupted by the kids. You could hold it at home while they’re at school or after they’ve gone to bed for the night. Choose a quiet location where you won’t be interrupted. That way, both of you can totally focus on the performance review.

Discuss strengths, areas of improvement, and goals

The main part of your performance review discussion can be divided into three general topics: strengths and accomplishments, areas of improvement, and goals for the future. Prepare two or three for each to talk about with your nanny.

For example, maybe you always appreciate how punctual and reliable your nanny is, or how they take initiative when a problem comes up. Thank your nanny for those qualities. Similarly, if you think your nanny could be better at tidying up after playtime or snack time, bring that up too, as well as a simple solution for improvement.

Goals don’t need to be complicated. They can be as simple and specific as helping your child with bottle weaning or potty training.

Reassess contract, compensation, and benefits

How has your nanny’s role changed over the year? As your kids grow, their needs change. So do your nanny’s job responsibilities. 

Maybe your nanny has had to take on more tutoring duties or housekeeping tasks because of COVID-19. Maybe your child has started at a new school, you’ve moved to a new home, or added a pet to the mix. All of these changes can affect your nanny’s day-to-day work.

Take a look at your initial job description and how your nanny’s duties have changed. Use these details to discuss a raise, benefits, and/or changes to your nanny’s contract.

Be open to feedback

Finally, make sure you leave time for your nanny to give feedback! Be prepared to listen to your nanny’s concerns. It’s how you can become a great employer to your nanny and strengthen your professional bond. 

For more resources on working well with your nanny, follow the A Perfect Fit blog!

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