NCS Series: NCS for Sleep Habits and Routine-Building

In a continuation of our NCS series, we will explore sleep habits and routine-building as it relates to using a NCS. You might be asking yourself: “wait, a NCS can help with good sleep habits?” This question is one we hear all the time and the answer is yes, when done right, and in support of your child’s biological needs, along with your families preferences, a well trained newborn care specialist can be the difference between a sleeping baby (and therefore family) and one who is exhausted from being awake off and on all night. Of course, it is important that your NCS have an understanding of biologically normal sleep and is always responding to and meeting your babies needs, but did you know that if this is done well, then your baby will very likely sleep through the night, on their own, when their body is ready to do so, without anyone having to cry?


It is a myth that you have to ignore your baby’s needs or their cries in order to get them sleeping well and a qualified NCS will know the steps (and teach them to you!) to achieve this. All while respecting your family and your desires for your baby. And providing you the opportunity to sleep, rest and recover from the birth of your child. Sounds like a win-win for everyone and it absolutely can be. A qualified NCS will have training, knowledge and experience in setting you all up for success in this area, as well as many others such as lactation, important behaviors and milestones, etc… In other words, you can have a new baby and be getting some good quality sleep when you have the proper support in place and a NCS is absolutely one way that can happen. One newborn care specialist said it this way: “By providing rest, recovery and support to a new mother and baby. With a plan in place from the beginning she will always be well rested and avoid pitfalls of desperate and sometimes dangerous sleep habits out of her own desperation for sleep.” Let us help you find the right fit for your family!

Routines, Routines, Routines 

It might be the case that you are an experienced parent and you already have one or more children, so you might be asking yourself “what could a NCS possibly offer you that you don’t already know?” This is a great question actually, and one we hear more often than you might think, so we wanted to share with you the top three things a NCS can offer an experienced family like yours: 

  1. Time with your current child or children. We know that sounds odd, but think back to your first child’s arrival for a minute. Their arrival dominated everything in your life. You were lucky to take a shower or grab a quick snack. And while you are much more experienced now, another baby is going to recreate much of that same environment again. Except that now you have a 3 year old who does not understand why their parent doesn’t have as much time for them, is too tired to play tag or cannot toss them in the air like before. And so they are hurt and confused. They might even be feeling jealousy or resentment towards this new arrival and not have the words to articulate their emotions. While your new baby certainly needs you and will definitely consume much of your time, having an expert to care for them while you spend some much needed time with your first child can really allow you to be present in that moment. And, when it is time to feed or care for your new baby, they can often also distract your current child with an invitation to help or to read a short story.
  1. Opportunities to learn. Even the most experienced parent may not be up on the latest evidence-based information or products. Or maybe, without professional help the first time around, you might even have incorrect information from well-meaning friends or family members. A NCS who is up on current information, familiar with current products and well-educated around best practices can share that information with you so that you, as the parent, can make the best decisions for your family. Whether it is around sleep, feeding, safety or other baby related topics, a quality NCS stays in the know and can help you learn also.
  1. Sleep. Every new parent, whether they have 1 child or 5, wants and needs sleep. And having a qualified caregiver in your home to handle night wakings, diaper changes and to bring the baby to you for feeding can make that possible. Science clearly shows us that sleep is key to recovery from any medical procedure or event that is taxing on the body. Birth, in all its forms, falls into one or more of these categories. And knowing your baby is being well cared for, having their needs met and brought to you for feedings can allow you to rest and recover much faster and better than you would if you did not have the help. NCS are experts in all kinds of topics that relate to sleep, and can help you explore your options in terms of different childcare methods that are developing with increased knowledge and study on the topic, such as the topic of co-sleeping

Our agency is committed to helping your new or expanding family be the best they can be; let us help you find support and care for you and your new baby and make this wonderful life transition go smoothly.

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