How Does a Nanny Share Work?

As parents, we want to find the right childcare option that fits our child’s needs and personality. So we hunt and search for the best possible solution from babysitters to daycares to nannies.  But, one surprising option you may come across is a nanny share, serving as a sort of […]

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How Much Does A Nanny Cost?

Whether you’re a working mom that goes to the office, a mom that works from home, or are a stay-at-home mom, hiring a nanny can be helpful. A nanny handles all childcare duties and some light household duties, giving your children individualized attention and the time to take care of […]

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Babysitter or Nanny: What’s the Difference?

Juggling your family, job, housework, date night, and self-care is a seemingly impossible task. Finding the right childcare can lighten your load, making everything more manageable. Because every family’s needs are different, you want to make sure you hire the right kind of caregiver for your family. While it’s a […]

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Why Nannies are Not 1099 Contractors

If you’re thinking of hiring a nanny to care for your kiddos, you might be wondering how the actual hiring works. You’re not a business owner, so they’re not an employee, right? Aren’t nannies considered independent contractors? While it’s a common belief that nannies are just paid like contractors, the […]

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