What to Do if Your Nanny Calls in Sick

sick woman checking temperature

You’re all set to go to work or leave your home and oh no — your nanny calls and says they’re sick. What can you do? Let’s talk about what steps you should take immediately if your nanny calls in sick, plus what you can do when the next sick day happens.

Find emergency care

We’ll talk about having a backup plan in detail later in this post, but for now, who can fill in for your nanny? Maybe you have family members, close friends, or a trusted neighbor who can help you out in a pinch. 

If no one is available and you’ve hired your nanny through a nanny placement agency, see if they offer emergency sick coverage (especially with COVID-19 so prevalent). Some agencies have child care providers on-call or available through referral in an emergency. At A Perfect Fit, we always suggest that you inform anyone who fills in for you that your regular nanny is sick and share the last time they were in your house, since there’s a possibility your replacement provider could get exposed.

Talk to your child

When you’ve found a substitute, make sure you talk to your kiddos about it! They’re used to their regular nanny. Turning them over to someone brand new can be disruptive to their schedule…not to mention a little overwhelming or scary. 

Explain to your kids that their nanny is sick, and for now, someone else will take care of them. Remind them that everything will be alright.

Write down important info

Get everything ready for your nanny replacement’s arrival. Write down important information for them, including:

  • Emergency contact information (names, phone numbers, addresses)
  • Other contact information for family members, doctors, your children’s schools, etc.
  • Any medication or allergy information for the kids 
  • School and activities schedule
  • House rules or safety issues
  • Daily schedule, including meal times, naptime, and/or bedtime

Check in frequently

When your child care provider arrives, go over the important information you’ve gathered for them. Make sure to answer any questions they might have. 

You should also put together a quick system for communication. Will you text them for updates throughout the day? If there’s a serious emergency, what’s the fastest way to reach you? Should they call instead? Have a communication system in place and be on the same page.

Have a backup plan for the future

You and your kids made it through your nanny’s sick day! Now that you know what to expect for the next sick day, it’s a good idea to create a backup plan. Having a backup plan in place will reduce stress and ensure your family is prepared.

Put together a list of emergency backup nannies or babysitters. You might want two to three people who can watch your child, such as family members, other nannies, or close friends. Ask them if they’re okay with being your backup contacts. If you work with a nanny agency, your agency may do this for you, so you do not have to worry about it. For example, at A Perfect Fit, we keep track of your preferred sitters and always ask you first before sending out a replacement. One simple call to our agency and we take care of the rest!

Gather all the important info you wrote down earlier and go over it again. Did you miss any information? Is there anything else a backup nanny would need to know? You might consider adding details about your child’s likes, dislikes, or habits to help things run smoothly for a backup nanny. Revise your info and put it into a folder so it’s all in one place for next time.

Be prepared with A Perfect Fit

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