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What exactly IS a Newborn Care Specialist (NCS)?

A Newborn Care Specialist, or NCS, is the modern version of what was traditionally known as a "baby nurse". NCS have infant specific training and potential for certification. Newborn Care Specialists are highly educated in all things regarding newborns and infants, including common (and uncommon) medical issues, care for preemies and multiples, parent education, developmental milestones, etc. They are open to to all shifts but typically work overnight shifts or provide 24-hour care and are often open to both live-in and live-out positions. Newborn Care Specialists are also self-led the majority of the time and often offer care while parents sleep. NCS are committed to establishing healthy long-term sleep habits and routines for your little one.

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How soon should you begin your NCS search?

The reality is that a quality Newborn Care Specialist can oftentimes be booked months (9 or more!) in advance. In an ideal world, searching for and securing your NCS is done early in a pregnancy, but even at the last minute, our agency works hard to help you find qualified and experienced candidates to help support your growing family.

The Process
This is a general roadmap of what the process will look like from beginning to end.

Fill out the Form

Fill out the application to give us more details about your needs.


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Once you've found the perfect fit for your family, you will complete a contract with the Newborn Care Specialist.


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NCS Requirements
We screen our Newborn Care Specialists thoroughly. Below is an overview of our screening process.
Dallas Baby Nurse Online Application

Online Application

Each Newborn Care Specialist is required to fill out an online application and submit a resume and Newborn Care Certification.

Dallas Newborn Nurse Phone Interview

Phone Interview

If the Newborn Care Specialist fits the bill on paper, we conduct an extensive phone interview in which we cover a wide range of situational-based questions.

Fort Worth Baby Nurse Face-to-Face Interview


We use the face-to-face interview as our time to put the Newborn Care Specialist in the hot seat and see if they have what it takes to represent us!

Dallas Baby Nurse Reference Calling

Reference Call

We contact a minimum of 3 professional references for each Newborn Care Specialist. Only excellent feedback is acceptable!

Fort Worth Baby Nurse Internet Presence

Internet Presence

Typing a name into google can be eye-opening. We research each nanny's internet presence, including social media.

Dallas Newborn Nurse Background Checks

Background Checks

Our thorough background checks include county criminal history, national criminal database, national sex offender public registry, and driving records.

Dallas Baby Nurse Experience


We require a Newborn Care Specialist to have a certificate of completion or be a certified Newborn Care Specialist. Most importantly, we require all of our Newborn Care Specialists to be superstars!

Dallas Baby Nurse CPR & First Aid Certification

CPR & First Aid Certification

All of our Newborn Care Specialists must provide proof of a current CPR and First Aid certification.

Frequently Asked Questions
What areas do you service?

This varies depending on our current database of Newborn Care Specialists and their availability. For most Newborn Care Specialists, they are comfortable traveling out of state for a position.

What is a Newborn Care Specialist (NCS)?

A Newborn Care Specialist focuses primarily on newborn care and parental education and while they work hard to educate and build up the parents and support the family values, they primarily work independently with only minimal guidance from the parents.

What should I expect to pay my Newborn Care Specialist?

Pay rates widely vary based on the current market, your location, and the details of your position. During your free consultation we will evaluate your needs and can give you a range of what is suggested in the current market.

How soon should I start my Newborn Care Specialist search?

In an ideal world, searching for and securing your Newborn Care Specialist is done early in a pregnancy, but even at the last minute, our agency works hard to help you find a qualified and experienced candidate to help support your growing family.

How many hours does an Newborn Care Specialist usually work?

Typically a Newborn Care Specialist works nights, with shifts varying 8-12 hours in length. Alternatively, a Newborn Care Specialist can work daytime shifts, or round the clock, in which the Newborn Care Specialist would live with the family for the duration of the contract. We can even accommodate 24/7 schedules!

What responsibilities will a Newborn Care Specialist take on?

Newborn Care Specialists can provide bathing, feeding, swaddling, facilitating good sleep, bringing the baby to you to nurse or for a bottle feeding, taking back over after feeding so that you can return to focusing on rest and recovery, educating you on development and milestones, monitoring the baby for signs they are doing well, and alerting you to any potential concerns.

What is the process to find a Newborn Care Specialist using your agency?

Click here for a step-by-step overview of our process.

Why are Night Nannies generally less expensive if they work the same shifts as Newborn Care Specialists?

While Night Nannies have ample newborn and infant experience, they are supporting a plan created by the parents. A Newborn Care Specialist creates the plan and schedules for the family, educating the parents, and has extensive newborn care training. They are experts in all things baby! Typically, a Newborn Care Specialist will work with a family for the first 12-16 weeks of a child’s life, but many are open to continuing care for extended periods beyond the newborn stage.

Where will the Newborn Care Specialist sleep?
In most cases, Newborn Care Specialists working overnights will sleep while the infant sleeps, though typically they will use the term ‘rest’ rather than ‘sleep’. This is, of course, provided all responsibilities have been taken care of and the client does not need the Newborn Care Specialist during that time. Newborn Care Specialists need to be well-rested and have their physical needs met so that they can give their full attention to the baby and client. Often, the Newborn Care Specialists will have a flat sleep space provided in the infant nursery or will have access to a separate guest room and monitor. Some Newborn Care Specialists even have baby in a bassinet in the guest room with them. Many Newborn Care Specialists believe that by physically demonstrating healthy sleep habits it helps to encourage infants towards healthy sleep patterns.

Can I do a trial period with the Newborn Care Specialist?
Since most times during a Newborn Care Specialist search, there is not yet an infant for the Newborn Care Specialist to take care of during a ‘trial period’, these are not typically an option. Most Newborn Care Specialist contracts are finalized long before an infant is born, and because Newborn Care Specialists book out so far in advance, most will be unwilling to offer a trial period. After the first interview, the next step is simply for the family to move forward with hiring the Newborn Care Specialist or electing to move forward in the interview process.
Why are trainings and certificates important?
It is very important to hire a NCS who is properly trained by a legitimately accredited training organization and ideally who has gone on to achieve a third-party certification. The biggest reason for this is your child's well-being. A legitimately accredited training organization has had to go through a rigorous review process in which all teaching, resources and information are reviewed by outside experts and must meet their standards for excellence and accuracy. And the same holds true for a NCS who has pursued and achieved third-party certification. This means they have been tested and verified to have a core level of competency and have had their hands-on experience verified by an outside governing body that grants them certification. Self-certification by a training organization does not meet this standard and should not be considered a legitimate certification. So when someone comes into your home having proper training and a legitimate certification, you can feel much more confident in their knowledge and skills where your baby's care is concerned.
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