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19 Ways to Get Kids to Help Out During Mealtime

It’s time to eat, and you’re looking for ways to get the kiddos involved. But what’s an appropriate mealtime task for a toddler? What can a preschooler or elementary school-aged child do?  Assigning kids age-appropriate chores in the kitchen can teach them coordination, math skills, and science skills. Mealtime tasks […]

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Denver “Stay Home” Activities

Now is usually the time when we say goodbye to cold temperatures and hello to spring warmth in Colorado. But because of COVID-19, most of us around the country are sticking close to home under quarantine. If you’re searching for new activities you can do at home in Colorado with […]

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Phoenix “Stay At Home” Activities

With stay at home orders in place all around the country, it’s easy for nannies and their kids to get cabin fever. If you’re running out of ideas for keeping your charges occupied at home in the Phoenix area, check out our ideas below. Try musical freeze tag Get some […]

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Dallas “Stay Home” Activities

As temperatures ramp up and we say hello to spring in Dallas, it can be tempting to take the kids to all their favorite spots around the city. However, most of us are stuck at home under quarantine for the time being. Luckily, there are still plenty of fun and […]

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